A Widnes company has just joined the fight against knife crime with an invention that keeps knives safely locked away from misuse.

X Calibre UK, based in Widnes, patented a locking mechanism installed in a wooden block and the inventor developed the product over a period of five years in conjunction with the Innovate company based in Salisbury, Wiltshire which has featured in Sir Alan Sugar's BBC programme "The Apprentice".

The inventor developed the product because of the safety concerns of having sharp knives in the home which could be used by intruders against his family and the risk to his young grandchildren hurting themselves if kitchen knives were not locked away.

The company name was based on the King Arthur legend that only he could remove a sword from the stone and the product, KnifeLock is locked with a key that is specifically designed for each block.

It has just been launched at the Concours Lepine Invention meeting in Paris and is available online at Knifelock.com.