THE Conservatives will be looking to build on 2022's success at Thursday’s Halton Council elections, with last year seeing the party gain its first seat in 14 years following a ‘lucky dip’.

The borough goes to the polls on May 4 where a number of parties will be vying for votes, including Labour, Conservative, Green, Liberal Democrat, Reform UK and independent candidates.

Last May saw an unexpected twist with the Conservatives beating Labour by a single vote in the Sandymoor Moore and Daresbury ward, after a tied count meant the returning officer had to essentially do a ‘lucky dip’ and pick a winner at random.

It was not the first time a dead heat had been resolved in such a manner in Halton, with the exact same thing making national news back in 2008 after a run-off between Labour and the Lib Dems was resolved in Labour's favour.

In what was the first Conservative gain since 2008, last year teacher Siân Davidson replaced the borough’s first ever Green councillor Andrew Dyer, who had stepped down after 12 month in the role. He recently announced he will be running again this year.

Siân Davidson’s win meant the ward was cemented as what had essentially become a Conservative enclave in Halton, with all three ward councillors being Tory.

It remains a stronghold for the party in the borough, with the last few years having seen its number decline borough-wide, with Widnes especially proving a tough challenge for the Conservatives. It had had seven councillors up until the coalition years, but the town is now entirely red.

All council opposition, with three Conservative and three Lib Dems remains purely centred on Runcorn. And among those standing in the town on Thursday will be Danny Clarke in Beechwood and Heath.

He said: "It's time we have change in our borough. I guarantee to residents I will vote down every council tax rise proposals during my first term, I will fight to get more finances from central government.”

Standing in Halton Lea in Runcorn will be Sandra Davidson, she has lived in the ward for 40 years and is chair of The Uplands Residents Regeneration Society.

She said: "I have heard about the issues and concerns that many residents have in the area and I am currently working to help residents with them, especially to stop plans to demolish homes in The Uplands area of the ward. If elected I promise to be a local voice for local residents and will hold the council fully to account for the decisions it makes."

Millions of voters at more than 230 local authorities around the country head to the polls and in Halton a third of seats across the borough's 18 wards will be contested.

This year will be the first local elections where voters will be required to show photo ID when they head to the polling station. Acceptable forms of photo ID include: UK-issued passport or driving licence, bus pass, blue badge, PASS proof of age card. A full list can be found here.

A full list of Halton candidates is available here.