A NURSERY in Weston has been rated as 'requires improvement' by Ofsted.

The Government's education watchdog gave Heathside Day Nursery the rating following an inspection that took place earlier this year.

As per the report published by Ofsted, although the staff have 'worked hard' since the nursery's last inspection, not all children are 'supported to make the progress they are capable of.'

Having said that, Ofsted did acknowledge that 'children are happy, settled and clearly enjoy their time at nursery.'

The report highlights that although staff are in tune with the needs of some of the children, the educational support is not strong enough: "Staff do not always have high enough expectations for all children. Although some staff provide positive interactions, this is not consistent.

"Some interactions with children are weaker and do not allow them to participate fully at their own pace and level of learning. This is because some staff do not skilfully adapt their teaching or consider children's individual learning needs to build on what they know and can do, particularly those working with toddlers and pre-school children.

"As a result, some children lose interest and do not remain as engaged in planned activities."

The nursery was praised in the report for the safeguarding measures that staff implement: "Leaders and staff have attended safeguarding training. They fully understand their roles and responsibilities to keep children safe.

"The premises are safe and fit for purpose. Robust recruitment, vetting and induction arrangements are in place, which ensure that all staff are suitable to work with children."

Heathside Day Nursery was inspected on March 8, and the improvements that the nursery needs to make - as per the report - are as follows:

  • Implement an ambitious curriculum to better support children's good progress, particularly their communication, language and thinking skills
  • Focus staff interactions to build on what children know and can do, so that all children participate and remain highly motivated and engaged to extend their learning
  • Continue to embed the current arrangements for supervision and coaching of staff to help raise the quality of educational practice to the highest levels