Halton's first and only ever Green councillor who stepped down before the last election is targeting a political comeback, with the party doubling its number of candidates this year.

Andrew Dyer caused an upset at the 2021 Halton Council elections, taking one of the then newly created seats in the ward of Daresbury, Moore and Sandymoor.

But after just 12 months in the role he announced he would not be running in the 2022 elections as he was planning to emigrate with his family.

Now the party said those plans have changed and he aims to run again in this year's elections, which take place on Thursday, May 4. He is one of 12 candidates running for the Greens this year - a record number for the party locally.

Runcorn and Widnes World: Halton Green candidate Anthony McMullin.Halton Green candidate Anthony McMullin. (Image: PR)

Mr Dyer said: “Daresbury, Moore and Sandymoor deserves to be represented by someone who is resident in the ward, who cares about the area, will listen to residents' thoughts and concerns and will give everything possible to have those heard within Halton Borough Council.”

The party will also be fielding candidates in Appleton, Bridgewater, Halton Castle, Halton Lea, Halton View, Highfield, Hough Green, Mersey & Weston, Norton North, Norton South & Preston Brook and Central & West Bank.

Anthony McMullin will stand in Central & West Bank. He said: “Born and brought-up in the ward, I speak to my neighbours daily and share their concern that this area has been left behind and forgotten. I’m here to provide the strong voice that’s needed for my area.”

Deputy Leader of Halton Green Party Iain Ferguson will be standing again in Halton Castle where he finished second to Labour in 2021's local by-election.

He said “We’re really pleased to be able to stand twice as many candidates this year, giving over 60,000 people in Halton the opportunity to vote for change by voting Green.”

At this year's elections on Thursday, May 4, depending on their ward, residents will be able to choose from Labour, Conservative, Green, Liberal Democrat, Reform UK and independent candidates.

A full list of candidates for the Halton elections can be found here.

Photo ID is required for all voters at this year's elections. Acceptable forms include: UK-issued passport or driving licence, bus pass, blue badge, PASS proof of age card. A full list of acceptable photo ID can be found here.