CONTROVERSIAL comedian Roy Chubby Brown visited a popular restaurant in Warrington this week, ahead of his appearance in Runcorn tonight.

The comic, whose act contains controversial material surrounding political correctness, among other things, visited the Cottage Indian restaurant on Thursday evening, April 13.

Roy was described by staff at the Cottage as being a gentleman, 'jokes aside.'

Runcorn and Widnes World: The comic was pictured outside the restaurant, tooThe comic was pictured outside the restaurant, too (Image: The Cottage)

The comic has been the centre of recent controversy, as some theatres have cancelled his tour dates due to the material he covers in his sets.

One such theatre, the Empire Theatre in Consett, Durham, said that Brown was 'no longer in its vision' for future acts.

Some say that the comic's routine uses material that is homophobic, misogynistic, and racist.

Brown's manager, Ritchie Hoyle, said that 'fans know what they are getting' and his material forms part of a character, rather than being a reality.

"Let the people decide, would that not be a good vision to have for an entertainment venue?" Mr Hoyle added.

Brown booked in at the Cottage restaurant ahead of his visit to the Brindley Theatre in Runcorn tonight, April 14.

Posting about the visit on social media, the Cottage said: "He's on a Cheshire tour and booked especially to dine at The Cottage.

"Jokes apart, this legendary comedian truly was a gentleman."

According to the restaurant, Brown said: "I am not a racist."

For information about Roy Chubby Brown's current tour, visit the comedian's website.