GIANT eggs designed by children from across the Runcorn and the Ukrainian community have gone on display in Liverpool as the city prepares for both Easter and Eurovision.

Inspired by the Ukrainian and Eastern European tradition of egg painting, Pysanka Eggs is a partnership between Liverpool City Council and Liverpool ONE.

The designs reflect Ukrainian culture and traditions, those of the other competing Eurovision countries and the wider Liverpool City Region communities.

The display in Liverpool ONE features seven eggs, one for each city region, plus an additional egg to represent Ukraine:

The Murdichords Caring Owl, made by children at Murdishaw West Primary School, is known affectionally by the children as Morris.

Morris can be seen hugging a happy bunch of characters including a singing sunflower, the national flower of Ukraine; a jolly ice-cream; and a nightingale, the national bird of Ukraine.

Artist Caroline Phillips ssaid: “We explored the themes of coming together, being united through music and things that have a positive effect on our wellbeing.

“The design features a lot of symbolism. The butterfly symbolises positive change and a love of nature. The acorn symbolises strength and persistence as well nature’s positive effect on mental health and wellbeing. The sunshine represents warmth, happiness and well-being. There is even a happy milkshake, representing the school’s 'Milkshake Mondays with the Headteacher', which selected children attend for demonstrating the school values.

“There are also lots of hearts and flowers to spread love to the Ukrainian community and to send out positive vibes throughout Liverpool and Europe.”

She added: “The children were absolutely fantastic to work with - I wish they could help me with all of my projects.”

Julie Phillips, art and design lead and deputy head teacher at Murdishaw West Community Primary School, added: “What an honour it was for our school to be selected to take part in this engaging and inspiring project. The children thoroughly enjoyed working with our artist, Caroline Daly, and to now see their work on display in such a public place; what a very special experience! A real opportunity to appreciate and evaluate their own work of art! As a school, we know what a vital role the arts and culture have in our curriculum, so enriching opportunities like these play a pivotal role.”