FUEL prices have dropped slightly yet again in Runcorn and Widnes.

This continues the pattern seen since November, with both petrol and diesel prices at their lowest since before February last year.

The cost of fuel soared dramatically last year due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and it did not begin to decrease again until July.

With the cost of living crisis still very much ongoing, the trajectory of fuel prices will provide some much-needed relief for residents in Widnes and Runcorn.

Here is a list of the top 10 cheapest places to get both petrol and diesel in Widnes and Runcorn according to price comparison website petrolprices.com today, Monday.


Asda Widnes Automat – 135.7p

Morrisons Widnes – 136.7p

Asda Runcorn – 137.7p

Tesco Widnes – 138.9p

Esso Widnes – 138.9p

Texaco Widnes – 141.9p

BP Widnes – 142.9p

Texaco Runcorn – 143.9p

BP Runcorn – 145.9p

Shell Widnes – 146.9p


Morrisons Widnes – 157.7p

Tesco Widnes – 160.9p

Esso Widnes – 161.9p

Asda Runcorn – 162.7p

Asda Widnes Automat – 162.7p

Texaco Widnes – 165.9p

BP Widnes – 166.9p

Texaco Runcorn – 171.9p

BP Runcorn – 172.9p

Shell Widnes – 173.9p