RESIDENTS are being urged to take up an offer of free advice to help keep damp and mould at bay within homes.

Citizens Advice Halton is offering free expert support to residents across the borough to ensure safety.

This comes after the Government called for councils to survey rented properties to check for any instances of excessive damp, and if so, landlords must act if a resident's health is being impacted. 

Rising costs of energy have meant that many people cannot afford to heat their homes, meaning it is more likely for damp and mould to occur. 

Hitesh Patel, chief officer of Citizens Advice Halton, said: “Residents can reach out to our expert team regarding any issues with damp and mould, and we will help to assess who is responsible and what can be done.

“To prevent condensation, it is important to keep homes well heated and ventilated, but for a lot of people this will be harder to do given the colder weather and higher heating costs.

“Residents may be eligible for help to insulate and heat your home, and you should visit our website to find out more.”

For more details, call 0151 2572443 or visit