FUEL prices are dropping in Runcorn and Widnes.

There has recently been a considerable fall in petrol and diesel prices, decreasing since November to the lowest price they have been since before February last year.

Prices soared in February after Russia began to invade Ukraine, and prices did not start to go down again until July.

With food and energy prices showing no sign of improvement, a drop in fuel prices could be helpful through the current cost of living crisis.

Here is a list of available fuel prices at petrol stations in Widnes and Runcorn, from cheapest to dearest, according to price comparison website petrolprices.com as of Wednesday.


Asda Widnes – 136.7p

Morrisons Widnes – 136.7p

Asda Runcorn – 138.7p

Esso moor Lane – 138.9p

Tesco Widnes – 138.9p

BP Warrington Road – 140.9p

Texaco Warrington Road – 141.9p

Halton Brow service station – 145.9p

Runcorn Expressway service station – 146.9p

Shell Lunts Heath Road – 146.9p

Texaco Jubits Lane – 150.9p

Hallwood Link service station – 151.9p


Asda Widnes – 163.7p

Morrisons Widnes – 163.7p

Tesco Widnes – 163.9p

Esso moor Lane – 164.9p

BP Warrington Road – 166.9p

Texaco Warrington Road – 167.9p

Asda Runcorn – 168.7p

Halton Brow service station – 173.9p

Texaco Victoria Road – 173.9p

Shell Lunts Heath Road – 174.9p

Texaco Jubits Lane – 174.9p

Runcorn Expressway service station – 176.9p

Hallwood Link service station – 176.9p