SINCE the Conservative party was elected to run the country, ‘real wages’ in Runcorn are £2,354 lower – according to the town’s MP.

Weaver Vale MP, Mike Amesbury has put the blame on the Tories and the party’s failure to grow the economy for the fall in real wages in the constituency, which encompasses east Runcorn.

According to the MP, real wages have fallen by 6.7 per cent over the past 12 years, meaning full-time workers are taking the hit, leaving them £2,354 poorer each year.

Drawing on Bank of England household survey data, Labour has argued that 31 per cent of north west households have been struggling even before the increase in energy bills and mortgages.

This was found to be one of the highest number of households across the country.

However, the problem is not just in Weaver Vale, as the pattern can be seen across all regions of Great Britain in stats from the Office for National Statistics.

Mr Amesbury thinks that Britain is broken. He said: “A crucial component of getting wages up and improving living standards is growing the economy – something that has stalled under the Tories.”

The MP proposed what would happen with Labour’s help. He said: “Our plan for prosperity features bold and exciting proposals to spread power, wealth, and opportunity to all parts of the UK.

“We would restore stability with a fully funded growth plan – led by real investment to secure the green jobs of the future.”

Mr Amesbury wants a better economy for everyone in the country, saying: “In partnership with British businesses, we would build a stronger, greener and fairer economy that actually works in the interests of working people.”