HALTON’S MP has shared a heartbreaking personal story highlighting the current pressures the NHS is under.

Derek Twigg spent 24 hours in the emergency department of Whiston Hospital with a relative needing urgent help.

He described scenes of patients being treated in corridors and being told the possibility of a bed would be a long wait.

After seeing these conditions, he was shocked to find out that there had been even worse days, with one night having 17 ambulances outside A&E compared to the six the MP had witnessed during his visit.

NHS staff face a struggle as they try to cater to an overwhelming number of patients, with one nurse telling Mr Twigg that there can be a wait of up to 60 hours to be given a bed.

He gave his appreciation for staff saying: “What they are achieving, in the most demanding of circumstances, is heroic.

“Everyone who dealt with my relative was so professional, caring, and lovely.”

The MP criticised the Government for the conditions that patients find themselves in, commenting: “This Tory government has been in power for over 12 years.

“Why have they not done anything about it and allowed the situation to deteriorate even further, putting huge extra pressure on NHS staff and distress on patients?”

NHS staff across the UK have retaliated against government decisions in recent months, with nursing staff striking over pay.

Mr Twigg said that the Government needs to give NHS staff the proper pay rise they deserve, now.

After experiencing the pressure of NHS staff himself, he has decided to push for more change from the Government.

“I will continue to work hard to put pressure on the Government to give the funding and support our health and social care services need.”