A SURVIVOR of breast cancer has won Entrepreneur of the Year to celebrate the success of her Runcorn-based business.

Emma Guy, 53, who lives in Nortwich, set up her marketing agency Aqueous Digital over a decade ago with her husband Jonathan, and now acts as their operations director.

Emma was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016 and required surgery to overcome it. This surgery, alongside her ongoing treatment, led to her going through menopause at a much younger age than is considered the norm.

After this, she published a book titled The Wisdoms of the Menopausal Godmother.

Emma has now won the award at the Cheshire Club Crème de la Crème business awards.

She said: “It’s a huge surprise but in the best possible way. The starting point for all of the work I do is figuring out how I can help somebody else, and the ideas evolve from there. I won’t ever compromise on that.”

Cheshire Club, who awarded her with Entrepreneur of the Year at a ceremony last week, said “Small business owners have it tough, and it can be lonely place for many.

For some, the pandemic changed the way they work or the services they offer, while for others it was a case of riding out the storm.

Emma has attributes in common with every winner, and that’s a commitment to sheer graft, determination, and resilience in the face of personal adversity.”