A couple from Widnes celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary with a letter of acknowledgement from The Queen sent just before she died.

Nancy and Dennis Stone, both 93, first met when they were 17 years old and married a year later, on September 2, 1950.

Nancy, originally born in Widnes, had gone on a family holiday to Dennis’s hometown of Scarborough when the pair were first introduced.

Dennis, an apprentice brick layer at the time, was learning to ballroom dance and suggested Nancy go with him for his lesson.

After a week-long romance, Nancy had to return home and the couple kept in touch by writing letters.

And after a short engagement in the year of 1950, the pair said ‘I do’ at St. Marys Church West Bank, Widnes and had their first son Alan shortly after.

Nancy worked at the time as a shorthand typist for manufacturing company, Albright and Wilson.

While Dennis eventually joined the same company as a brick layer after the family made the move back to Widnes in 1955.

After having their second son, Colin, the couple settled down in their first home together on Liverpool Road and stayed there for duration of their long and happy marriage.

Until recently when they were forced to make the difficult decision of both moving into a care home due to health issues.

Dennis retired early from his career after Nancy sadly suffered a stroke and became a full-time carer for his wife for more than 30 years.

But after a several recent falls which resulted in him becoming hospitalised, the couple decided it was time for them both to put their health first.

And they now reside at Widnes Hall Care Home, on Coronation Drive.Runcorn and Widnes World: Nancy and Dennis received an acknowledgement card from The Queen to celebrate the milestone anniversary.Nancy and Dennis received an acknowledgement card from The Queen to celebrate the milestone anniversary. (Image: Widnes Hall Care Home)

The care home put on a celebration to honour the occasion of Dennis and Nancy's wedding anniversary with carers and residents at the home joining them for a meal and raising a glass to the beaming pair.

Their eldest son Alan explained how the relocation to a home ‘proved to be the right move’ for his mum and dad.

He said: “They are settled now and getting well looked after, which they both deserve. “ The card of acknowledgement that Dennis and Nancy received from the late Queen was one of four they have obtained over the span of more than seven decades spent together.

“They are very proud of the fact they now have four cards from the Queen, and they sit pride of place in their room,” Alan said.

“They are saddened by the recent news on the Queens death as her reign has been for most of the years of their marriage and they support the Royal Family.” He continued.

Nancy and Dennis like many couples from their era said their eternal vows and stuck by them with decades of memories to prove it, and through times of up and down still sit side by side, happy and comfortable in their new life at the care home.

Alan said how their marriage has been an inspiration to him and his brother, seeing how the couple have stuck by each other through thick and thin.

He said: “Like any marriage they have managed all the problems that life throws at them. Dad has been incredible and has at all times been there for mum through some very challenging times.

“Despite this he has shown that he kept his promise with his wedding vows 'in sickness and in health' for all these years and we as a family are very proud of them both.”