AN MP is fearing that Runcorn may be impacted if the Prime Minister’s plans to reintroduce fracking are to go ahead.

Mike Amesbury, Labour MP for Weaver Vale, says that Runcorn, Frodsham, Helsby, and Northwich may be affected if hydraulic fracturing is pursued.

Fracking was banned in 2019 after it caused earthquakes near Blackpool – it involved using liquid to flush out natural gas from below the ground.

Mr Amesbury said: “Campaigners and constituents breathed a sigh of relief when it looked like fracking was dead in the water.

“But the energy crisis has been seen by vested interests, backed by a small number of Tory MPs including Liz Truss, as an opportunity to resurrect this discredited practice.

“It is being presented as a way of lowering energy prices because we know consumers are facing sky-rocketing bills.

“But it could take years to produce shale gas at scale, with no guarantees.

"Any fracked gas would go straight onto the international wholesale market to maximise profits so would have little or no impact on domestic energy prices.”

The MP is also suggesting that some companies are offering communities discounted energy costs if they back the return of fracking.

He added: “What worries me are reports that fracking firms are planning to offer households a cut in their energy bills and give communities £100,000 if they back fracking in their local area.

“That is legalised bribery in my book.”

The Prime Minister has said that the fracking ban will be reviewed as the UK is set to explore different avenues to tackle the current energy crisis.