A TikTok user who shops at Aldi has revealed how she has managed an entire weekly shop for less than £5.

The TikTok creator @costoflivingcrisis shared a video entitled “My £5 weekly shop at Aldi” and shared the full shopping list while stressing in the comments: “This video is about surviving on £5 for the week not “have a nutritional protein rich diet for £5 a week.”

£5 weekly shopping list at Aldi

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The full shop came in at just under a fiver at a grand total of £4.97, items purchased included 45p rice, 65p pasta sauce and a loaf of bread, as well as cereal, pasta, canned veg and fresh fruit.

When asked what meals she was making for such a low price, they said: “Tomato pasta, rice and peas, beans on toast, rice pudding etc.”

The haul seemed far fetch for some, with one critic commenting: “That's not enough for a week though, not even for a small child.”

The TikTok creator replied: “Sadly some people don’t have a choice.”

The video has accumulated thousands of views since going viral on the video-sharing platform.

The helpful video was shared as Brits battle the ongoing cost of living crisis as supermarket prices soar.

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