BALLOT boxes will soon be out again as Halton prepares to go to the polls on May 1.

Nominations for Halton Council's forthcoming local election closed today.

The lists reveal that 63 candidates will by vying for 20 seats.

Labour is contesting all the seats whilst the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have 19 candidates each.

The Green party is fielding four candidates and the Citizens Party of Halton has one.

Hale is not contested.

Here are candidates who will be looking for your votes - wards and candidates are listed in alphabetical order.

(Conservative (Con), Labour (Lab), Liberal Democrat (LDem), Green (G), Citizens Party of Halton (CPH)), Sitting Councillor (*)


Thomas Campbell, of Bridge Road, Clockface, St Helens (Con) Eddie Jones*, of Fairfield Road, Widnes (Lab)


Peter Harding, of Constables Close, Runcorn (Lab) Linda Redhead*, of Kirstone Crescent, Beechwood, Runcorn (LDem) David Walker, of Kirkstone Crescent, Beechwood, Runcorn (C)


Peter Browne, of Springfield Road, Widnes (Con) Jo Gleave, of Cholmondeley Street, West Bank, Widnes (Lab) Jayne Worrall, of Eanleywood Lane, Runcorn (LDem)


Geoff Brown, of Heath Road, Widnes (LDem) Philip Harper, of Lunts Heath Road, Widnes (Con) Tony McDermott*, of Liverpool Road, Widnes (Lab)


Simon Charlesworth, of Primrose Close, Castlefields, Rucnorn (LDem) Harry Howard*, of Priory Close, Halton Village, Runcorn (Lab) Terence McDermott, of Newbury Close, Widnes (Con)


Marjorie Bradshaw, of Clifton Road, Runcorn (Con) Chris Inch*, of Great Riding, Runcorn (LDem) Amanda Stockton, of Saddlers Rise, Norton, Runcorn (Lab)


Ann Curzon, of Edwards Way, Ditton, Widnes (LDem) Stephan Pfaffenzeller, of Misty Close, Widnes (Con) Marie Wright*, of Arley Drive, Widnes (Lab)


Philip Balmer, of Lunts Heath Road, Widnes (Con) Robert Beck, of Marcien Way, Widnes (Lab) Ian Hare, of Buckingham Avenue, Widnes (LDem) Maureen Miller, of Derby Road, Widnes (G)


William Dowdle, of Moughland Lane, Runcorn (Con) Shahram Mesdaghi, of Long Spinney, Norton Cross, Runcorn (LDem) John Swain*, of Greenway Road, Runcorn (Lab)

Halton Brook

Stefan Nelson*, of Brookfield Avenue, Runcorn (Lab) Patricia Parkinson, of Wilmere Lane, Widnes (Con) Louise Whitley, of Leinster Gardens, Runcorn (LDem)

Halton Lea

Ian Adams, of Spennymoor Court, Runcorn (Con) Janet Clein, of Fenwick Lane, Halton Lodge, Runcorn (LDem) Michael Gelling, of Charlton Close, Palace Fields, Runcorn (CPH) David Thompson*, of Canal Street, Runcorn (Lab)

Halton View

Anna Curzon, of Crow Wood Place, Widnes (LDem) Derek Mellor, of Barrows Green Lane, Widnes (G) Rob Polhill*, of Fieldway, Widnes (Lab) Denis Thomas, of Belmont Road, Widnes (Con)


Teddie Cole, of Cresta Drive, Weston Village, Runcorn (Lab) Mike Hodgkinson*, of Clifton Road, Runcorn (LDem) Barbara Price, of Chorlton Close, Windmill Hill, Runcorn (Con)

Hough Green

Stephen Hare, of Buckingham Avenue, Widnes (LDem) Miriam Hodgson, of Columbine Close, Widnes (G) Paul Nolan*, of Liverpool Road, Widnes (Lab) Ruth Rowan, of Aylsham Close, Widnes (Con)


Damian Curzon, of Crow Wood Place, Widnes (LDem) Margaret Horabin*, of Lowerhouse Lane, Widnes (Lab) Frank Lloyd, of Highfield Road, Widnes (Con) Linda Mellor, of Barrows Green Lane, Widnes (G)


Sue Blackmore*, of Leinster Gardens, Runcorn (LDem) Duncan Harper, of Blundell Road, Widnes (Con) Norman Plumpton, of Suffolk Streeet, Rucnorn (Lab)

Norton North

Dave Austin, of Eanleywood Lane, Norton Cross, Rucnorn (LDem) Peter Lloyd Jones, of Peckforton Drive, Runcorn (Lab) Mark Walsh, of Langley Beck, Widnes (Con)

Norton South

Ron Hignett*, of Launceston Close, Brookvale, Runcorn (Lab) David Masheder, of Princes Close, Castlefields, Runcorn (Con) Andrew Whitley, of Leinster Gardens, Runcorn (LDem)


Margaret Hill, of Halegate Road, Widnes (Con) Dave Leadbetter*, of Ronaldshay, Widnes (Lab) Paul Meara, of Belvoir Road, Widnes (LDem)

Windmill Hill

Arthur Cole, of Cresta Drive, Runcorn (Lab) Mike Shepherd, of Nortonwood Lane, Windmill Hill, Runcorn (LDem)