I AM writing in reference to Daresbury Station (Runcorn and Widnes World, September 3).

I remember the station well.

My mum and dad moved to Moore in the mid 1940s into a house in Gigg Lane, where my dad was the 'local bobby'.

I used to get the train into Warrington most Saturdays to go to the ABC minors club cinema, then get the bus back.

My dad was given a Hillman car to patrol Moore, Daresbury and Hatton.

One foggy night, a truck crashed into the wall of the bridge that overlooked the station and some brickwork and part of the load he was carrying fell onto the track.

The next day I went to have a look and was told not to go anywhere near as the truck and me could easily fall onto the track below.

Sometime later, my dad had a bump with another car and it put a dent in the mudguard.

To cut a long story short, he was taken off cars and we had to move to Hatchmere near Norley where he was then put back on his bike.

But I had some happy times in Moore.