Parents have been issued an urgent warning after a two-year-old nearly burned to death due to a common household appliance.

Mums and dads across the UK are being warned of the dangers after the tot was stood next to a regular gas heater when his parents realised his onesie was on the brink of going up in flames.

Parents are being told to be cautious after the warning was shared on Instagram.

The mother said: “My 2-year-old son was standing in front of the gas heater in his Onesie. I was in the bathroom at the time.

“Thankfully my husband was still home and quickly put it out.

"My son didn’t even feel that he was on fire. My husband smelt it, saw the flame and quickly responded.

“He was in front of it for less than 30 seconds before catching fire.”

The warning was shared on Tiny Hearts Education, a page with more than 275,000 followers.

The page warned: “Here's some safety tips to keep your family safe at home⁠.

“Gas heaters should be serviced at least every 2 years⁠, keep all flammable materials at least one metre away from the heater⁠.
“Be aware that children's clothing with a 'low fire danger' label is still flammable.

“Always keep children away from open heat sources such as fire places and gas stoves.⁠”

One user replied: “holy cow. Imagine if the dad wasn’t close by. Good to know about flammables!”

Another claimed: "Not just clothing... When I was about 8-years-old my hair caught fire because I was sat too close to one of those heaters!"