PLANS for the installation of an energy storage facility at the Fiddlers Ferry power station site have been submitted.

The application proposes a battery storage facility within the north-western area of the decommissioned power station, on Widnes Road.

In the planning supporting statement, it says the purpose of the development is to store excess electricity at times of low demand and redistribute the electricity back to the grid at times of higher demand or network instability.

It also states that this ‘multi-purpose, fast-acting response service’ will help ensure that National Grid can maintain electricity transmission network stability set by Government under its Electricity Transmission Licence and the Security and Quality of Supply Standard.

It adds: “This scheme will help ensure the security of supply on the network, helping to avoid voltage reductions or power cuts, this ancillary development will support further implementation of renewable energies within the network.

“The site is deemed suitable for this development given the proposed redevelopment of the power station site following demolition of the existing infrastructure. The site is located within the employment area as shown on the site allocation.

“The site is also within close proximity of the National Grid substation where a connection can be made easily.

“This statement and accompanying documents have demonstrated that the proposed development will not give rise to any adverse environmental impacts and is in accordance with the local plan and aligns with the sustainable development principles of the NPPF as well as assisting in the UK’s drive towards net zero.

“As such it is suggested that there are no material reasons why planning permission should not be granted for the proposal.”