My wife and I moved away from the Widnes area nine months ago but returned on July 11 to shop at Widnes Morrisons, Green Oaks where we have frequently shopped over 25 years.

On July 20 we received a Parking Charge Notice asking us to pay a £60 fee for parking at the Morrisons car park between 9.49am and 11.09am.

We are two elderly pensioners who now live outside the area and had no knowledge of the application of car park charges, and did not see any reference to the car park charges, as it has always previously been free.

We have tried to resolve this with Morrisons but they state that where we parked is controlled by Green Oaks, not them.

We did not know this car park to be anything but Morrisons, and I have asked them to provide a map of what ground belongs to them and what to Green Oaks.

There is no signage stating this so Morrisons refuse responsibility and advised us to appeal to Green Oaks but their PCN states that any appeal that is rejected is automatically raised to £100.

Had we known we would gladly have paid the £1 parking fee (who wouldn't) so this has left us very distressed, especially when we are all trying to survive the cost of living crisis, with more to come.

Shame on Morrisons for selling off their car park and shame on Green Oaks for instituting such fines without a fair appeal system.

Their tactics make us afraid to appeal.

Arthur and Ann Doyle