I THOUGHT I would raise my concerns about the future of Dans Road/Widnes Road.

Firstly, the current speed limit is 50mph.

This is already too dangerous considering the amount of access areas to businesses such as farms, restaurants, villages, catteries, golf club, fire station, private access roads, health centres and many more.

The future plans to build more housing and industries that will access this road would be a death sentence.

There have been too many fatalities/accidents on this road already. Please no more.

Reduce the speed limit ASAP.

The footpaths are always overgrown making it dangerous and life threatening to even venture along them.

I personally walk this route everyday, sometimes four times a day, and it is extremely scary. I have collated a video library of just how dangerous it is.

The road called South Lane that runs almost parallel to Dans Road has also extensive plans to build more housing but I understand that the current speed will be reduced from 50mph to 30mph which is most acceptable.

However, I do feel that the volume of traffic will then increase along Dans Road, yet another reason for mine and many other people’s concerns.

My intentions are to contact every local councillor/council along with Cheshire Police and including any companies that plan to build in this area namely on the power station site.

Too many of our roads are unsafe, whether it be due to speed or damage to footpaths and roads.

This needs to be addressed now.