A MOTORIST has voiced his frustration over a significant petrol price difference between Warrington and Widnes.

The cost of living crisis has seen the price of fuel soar to record high after record high over recent months.

This has led to drivers using price comparison sites to find the cheapest places to fill up in the area – and even in different towns.

In doing so, one motorist discovered that petrol was being sold at 186.7p per litre at Morrisons in Warrington, off Wilderspool Causeway.

However, the supermarket’s store on Green Oaks Way in Widnes was selling the same fuel at 175.7p per litre.

This means that to fill up a medium sized car such as a Ford Focus or a Vauxhall Astra, which have around 50litre fuel tanks, it would cost around £5.50 more in Warrington.

In response, a Morrisons spokesman said: “In the UK, petrol prices vary from town to town, and even neighbourhood to neighbourhood.

“We will always strive to be competitive in each local area.

“Occasionally, this can mean price differences between different areas open up.

“We continually review our prices and will look to reduce this difference as soon as we can.”