A SICK school teacher has been jailed for the fifth time for historic abuse of schoolboys.

Liverpool Crown Court heard how Michael Wilde, of Drake Close in Old Hall, admitted three instances of incident assault to a teenager under 14 during his time helping out in PE classes at Wade Deacon Grammar School in Widnes between 1975 and 1978.

Prosecuting, David Watson said that Wilde, now 73, would instruct the boys to do pull-ups and would wait for the boys to struggle before placing his hands on their bums and moving his hands inside their pants to touch their testicles in a ‘tickling motion’.

He did this 11 times to the victim in his first year grammar school, and then up to six times more in the following two years.

During cricket practice, the victim was encouraged to be wicket-keeper and wear a box.

Wilde pulled down the victim’s pants and grabbed his penis for up to five seconds before putting the box on.

After rugby practice, Wilde would also enter the showers with the boys with an erection and stare at them which left the boys ‘petrified’.

The victim didn’t tell anyone until 2020.

He stayed out of Wilde’s way after the abuse and believes that his school life was ruined by him.

When interviewed, Wilde, who was 26 when the incidents started, admitted his behaviour and was’ disgusted’ by it.


Wade Deacon High School

Wade Deacon High School


A victim statement that was read out said that the victim felt he couldn’t discuss it with anyone.

“He was a teacher, who would believe me? It was easier to keep it to myself.

“I will always be numb to life. I always wondered how different my life would be if he didn’t do it.”

All of Wilde’s four previous convictions relate to sexual abuse in the 1970s. It is the fifth time he has been jailed in seven years.

They include similar situations involving pull-ups, a cricket box, as well as touching boys over and under clothing during his science lessons.

Defending Wilde, Jeremy Rawson said that since being out of prison he has returned home and that he is in contact with his family.

He added that due to his older age he has several illnesses and asked for credit for his guilty plea.

Judge Gary Woodhall said the sentence is aggravated by other offences, the number of offences and the fact that other children were present in the school.

He also took into account Wilde’s guilty plea.

He said: “You have been able to live most of your adult life without having been tainted by this.”

Wilde was sentenced to two years in prison, half of which he will serve in custody.