A DARESBURY-based company – which is a division of Redrow Homes - has strengthened its team with new appointments.

Harrow Estates specialises in land acquisition and planning for large-scale developments across England and Wales.

One of the new appointments in former apprentice Jonathon Broadey from Warrington.

He joined Harrow Estates in 2018 after studying for his A-levels at college.

Drawn by the prospect of an apprenticeship where he could earn and learn, while gaining vital on-the-job experience, he applied for a position as Redrow’s first ever land apprentice.

He has since gained two promotions and is in the final stages of his real estate management degree course, funded by Harrow.

He said: “I could have followed the traditional route and gone to university to study property but I would only just be graduating now and likely be in lots of debt, with minimal work experience on my CV.

"Fortunately, I now have four years of work experience, am finishing my degree, and I am halfway through my RICS Assessment of Professional Competence. It’s been hard work and I’ve had to manage my time, but Harrow has accommodated my studies.”

As land negotiator, it’s Jonathon’s role to identify and secure new land opportunities.

He said: “My biggest success so far has been finding my first site that we subsequently purchased unconditionally, and is already in for planning.

"For every success there are always challenges, but it’s the creative side of the job that is the most rewarding; finding sites and solutions that other companies miss.”

Julian Larkin, manging director for Harrow Estates, said: “It’s particularly pleasing to see the progress Jonathon has made since joining us four years ago as an apprentice fresh out of college.

“His commitment and dedication to gaining his degree and chartered status is really inspiring and it is satisfying to watch his progression in such a short space of time.

“I believe it’s our responsibility as an industry to ensure young people can access on-the-job training and be supported to gain recognised qualifications to address the skills shortage and secure the long-term future of the sector.”

Other appointments include new recruits Hannah Rodger and Freya MacDonald as planning manager and land manager while Guy Vernon has been promoted to head of land.