A BRAVE and strong-willed mum has been left heartbroken after learning she only has a year left to live.

Linsey Farrington, who lives in Widnes, was given the devastating diagnosis of stage four advanced stomach cancer.

The 37-year-old mum to two attended A&E over the Easter half term period after her stomach swelled to the point where she looked pregnant, with doctors removing 12 litres of fluid.

A biopsy was taken, and specialists later revealed the heart-wrenching news that they had found primary and secondary cancer.

Linsey is sharing her story in the hope of raising awareness, while she is also fundraising for private treatment abroad in the desperate for more time with her children.

“It all started in April last year with really bad chest pain. I was off work for months, and although I had lots of scans on my chest, they repeatedly came back clear,” she said.

Linsey with husband Dean, son Harvey and daughter L

Linsey with husband Dean, son Harvey and daughter L

“I ended up being put on acid reflux tablets, but I was constantly back and forth from the doctors and downing Gaviscon.

“Things carried on for a year up to the Easter half term holidays this year, when I woke up and my stomach was so bloated it looked like I was pregnant.

“I could not move at all as I was in absolute agony and I could not eat, so I went to A&E at Whiston Hospital.

“They did a CAT scan and an operation removed 12 litres of fluid in my stomach, but they also did a biopsy after finding cancerous cells in my abdominal wall.”

Following further investigation, Linsey was told she had secondary cancer in her bones, and later primary cancer in her stomach – as well as the agonising news she had less than 12 months to live.

She was told by her consultant that stomach cancer is not something they would normally check for with someone so young, and that it is usually brought on by smoking or drinking lots, whereas she does not smoke and has never drank.

Linsey with daughter Lily

Linsey with daughter Lily

Linsey was offered one round of chemotherapy with The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, which began last week, and after being bed stricken weeks prior feeling ‘absolutely dreadful’, she is now doing as much as possible with son Harvey, 15, daughter Lily, 12, and husband Dean.

“I am determined to make as many memories as I can, as a year is rubbish. Receiving the news was absolutely devastating, but telling the kids was the worst part,” she explained.

“They are fixated on time at the moment and how long I have left.

“I am a planner and a control freak, so I have planned my whole life out and talk about the future all the time, but to now think I am not going to be here for any of that is horrible.

“The kids have been amazing, despite it being so hard that I will not be here for GCSEs or weddings or other life events.”

Linsey says that as her cancer is rare, present in cells rather than a tumour, her treatment options in the UK are limited, with her consultant advising her to look at experimental trials in Germany.

Linsey with son Harvey and daughter Lily

Linsey with son Harvey and daughter Lily

Although these will not cure her inoperable and metastatic stomach cancer, which has sadly spread to her omentum and spine, they will give her hope for more time with her family.

“As soon as I finish my round of chemotherapy the specialists will go through what my options are,” Linsey added.

“Providing how my body holds up to chemotherapy, it gives me hope of more time. That is why we are fundraising to cover the costs of the treatment as they are very expensive, in the region of £60,000.

“My sister set up a Go Fund Me page, and there is a lot of fundraising going on in the background. I have received a lot of love and support.”

The online donation page set up by Nette Hamnett has already raised more than £11,000 towards Linsey’s goal of £60,000.

She commented: “Despite this awful news, Linsey and her family have searched medical sites and survivor stories to find hope in an alternative treatment that might prolong her life beyond the prognosis time of less than 12 months.

Linsey with husband Dean

Linsey with husband Dean

“Due to the nature of Linsey’s cancer, we have been advised not to get our hopes up, however we have learnt that trials available overseas offer different eligibility factors to those in the UK.

“Linsey has two children, and every additional day she gains will help her prepare them for a future without her.

“Since learning of her diagnosis, Linsey has been trying to live her best life, making every day and moment count.

“She has a huge sense of fun and spends most of her time singing and dancing to Disney songs, performing solo versions of musicals (despite her vocal range) and admiring The Queen.

“She is an amazing mum, wife, daughter, sister, auntie, niece, cousin, friend and work colleague who puts her two children at the forefront of everything she does.

“We will be hugely appreciative of any support you can offer this young family, and we have been blown away by the number of donations received.”

You can follow Linsey’s journey by searching for Love Linsey’s Life on Facebook, while if you would like to donate, visit gofund.me/f43d0ffd