POLICE have spoken to the parents of youths caught misbehaving in an abandoned building in Runcorn.

The gang was spotted engaging in anti-social behaviour inside East Lane House near Runcorn Shopping City.

Cheshire Police says the derelict building is being repeatedly targeted by trespassers, which poses health and safety risks.

Officers have also been receiving reports of criminal damage along the nearby Primrose Close, with yobs smashing windows.

In a statement, the force’s Runcorn Police team said: “Do you know where your kids are?

“It is becoming a popular theme for youths to trespass into this abandoned building on East Lane. 

“Last night, a group of youths where stopped by officers for anti-social behaviour. Names were taken and parents were informed.

“There are high health and safety risks with entering these grounds.”

The Halton Castle Police team meanwhile added: “We are still seeing reports of anti-social behaviour and criminal damage by smashing windows along Primrose Close.

“Anti-social behaviour surveys have been distributed to help identify any potential suspects, and a patrol plan has been put in place to monitor this area.”