HALTON’S newest Conservative councillor who won her seat by the luck of the draw has vowed to campaign against building on green spaces and for lower Council Tax.

Teacher Siân Davidson caused an upset at the local elections last week by taking the seat of Daresbury, Moore and Sandymoor from the Greens, the first Tory gain in  Halton since 2008.

The seat, which was newly-created last year after ward boundaries across the borough were redrawn, had been the Green Party’s fist and only council seat.

But at last week’s count, both Labour and the Conservatives were ahead and matched in a dead heat with both on 398 votes.

With several recounts failing to find a clear winner, one ballot paper for each candidate was placed in a ballot box, with the eventual victor being drawn by returning officer Ian Leivesley.

Ms Davidson said: “As the results started to come in, we could see that it would be a close result, and many people were gathered round watching.

"It was a very tense evening, especially when the papers were being recounted and it was still a draw. The result could have gone either way however, I was absolutely delighted when it was announced that I had been elected as the elected councillor.”

As a result of her election, Daresbury, Moore and Sandymoor will now have three Conservative councillors, making the party the joint largest opposition group along with the Lib Dems.

One of the biggest issues in the area previously championed by former Green councillor Andrew Dyer was construction of new builds on greenfield land.

This is something too which Ms Davidson said she feels strongly about.

She added: “The ward is a very green area with lots of open spaces. During my term I want to campaign against new builds on our greenbelt, to vote against council tax increases, look after our green spaces with regular litter picks and to seek more investment in the infrastructure within Daresbury, Moore and Sandymoor."