EVER wanted to explore the wonders of the universe?

Well, families can do so in half term at the immersive art experience known as ‘Space, The Universe and Everything’ which is transforming the inside of Liverpool Cathedral.

Surrounding visitors with a display of lights, projections and sound as they journey through the cathedral, the installation will come to life every evening, after dark, between February 18 – 27.

Combining the projections of sculptor, Peter Walker, with the beautiful atmospheric sounds of composer, David Harper, ‘Space, The Universe and Everything’ is the work of Luxmuralis, the same award-winning artistic collaboration behind Liverpool Cathedral’s acclaimed ‘Angel Wings’ and ‘Peace Doves’.

As Liverpool Cathedral’s architecture comes alive with light and sound, visitors will have the chance to lose themselves in the wonders of space, as they are transported from the first step on the moon to the edge of the universe and back again in just one night.

Runcorn and Widnes World: Another look at the projections - Picture: Liverpool Cathedral/Gareth JonesAnother look at the projections - Picture: Liverpool Cathedral/Gareth Jones

You can win family tickets to the experience by answering one question. We have three sets to give away.

  • Between which dates can visitors look at the immersive art experience

Email your answer to competition@nqnw.co.uk. Deadline is midnight, Sunday.

Tickets for the immersive art experience – which lasts around 40 minutes – can be found at https://bit.ly/3o3cPf7