STREAMING giants Netflix have given a shoutout to Widnes and Runcorn’s very own Silver Jubilee Bridge that features in the drama Stay Close.

The bridge has a prominent role in the eight-part show which focuses on mother and bride-to-be Megan (Jumbo), and the life and past that she ran away from.

The Silver Jubilee Bridge was chosen by the producers as the iconic bridge location.

On March 26 of last year, it was closed for up to 10 minutes at a time for filming.

Netflix UK and Ireland took to Twitter to say: “Let's give some credit to Runcorn Bridge – the most underrated supporting character in Stay Close who manages to do some real heavy lifting while looking *great*.”

Twitter user Ben Salinas said: “I lived in Runcorn growing up. It's not a great town but this publicity is the best thing it's had since Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps.”

Yvie added: “Great to see it again after moving out of the area 20 years ago!”

Lena said: “Loved those panoramic shots.”

“I just literally said to my daughter that the old girl looks really smart, can nearly see our house from the shots too,” said Collete.”