MEET the Runcorn woman who turned her 'world upside down’ for a change in career and to bring animal fun to the area.

Naomi Ennis set up Animal Teach in November in an effort to alter her worklife to fit around her family life and she offers educational workshops and birthday experiences with the animals.

After teaching at Myerscough College Croxteth Park, the setting up of her Halton business has been a welcome change for Naomi.

She said: “It makes me incredibly proud that I have figured out what works around my family and that I haven’t lost everything I have studied and worked for.

“When I was on maternity leave with my second child, I realised that being a full-time college lecturer wasn’t going to fit in around the kids so I turned our world upside down again.

“It is perfect. I was extremely stressed when my little girl was born. I knew I shouldn’t have been thinking about work, but all I could think about was how I needed to get up, get the kids to school, nursery, teach and mark work. I can enjoy the fun side of teaching again.”

Runcorn and Widnes World: Naomi teaches children in her a fun way while using animals Naomi teaches children in her a fun way while using animals

Naomi, who went to the Grange, has a background in zookeeping and teaching and she is glad she can keep doing what she loves.

The 29-year-old added: “I’ve loved animals for a long, long time and my whole career and employment has been dedicated to studying them and teaching people about them.

“I decided to set up a business where I can use the expertise and knowledge that I have got to go into schools and teach children about the animals and that has led to childminders and birthday parties being in contact.

“It’s mostly come from trying to fit something around the family while using everything I’ve ever studied for.”

And Naomi – who moved to Runcorn aged four – is pleased to help the next generation learn in such a fun way.

She continued: “I think the best way to connect with people is to have a lot of fun, whether that’s in an educational or birthday setting.

“Instead of young kids or teenagers learning by reading a book or looking at a screen, I will have animals in the room where they can count and without realising, you are embedding English, maths and science within an hour’s session.

“I didn’t necessarily want to go down the birthday route, however, so many people want to see animals at their birthdays and it would be a bit silly to not take that on board.

“People can hold them and take their own photos with them, we can educate and have a lot of fun with it as well.

“I do love teaching but I really love the fun side of it while learning.”

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