Do you feel like a Liverpolitan?

Having originally had its roots in the 18th Century, the word was revived in 2016 and is used to describe someone from the Liverpool City Region (LCR), which includes Liverpool, Halton, Knowsley, Sefton, St Helens, and Wirral.

The man who brought the phrase back to life by entering it into the online Urban Dictionary, Richard Wright, recently set out to gauge the views of councillors across the LCR about the term.

A self-confessed ‘urban enthusiast’ who is passionate about regeneration, he surveyed 39 councillors across the LCR, including six in Halton.

Richard, from Scotland Road in Liverpool, said the survey revealed most councillors in the city region do not yet identify with being a Liverpolitan, but 46% either definitely do or are neutral about it. He said most councillors were fairly sure that their ward residents would be neutral about the subject.

But he said there were big differences between those who did, and did not, favour the term.

He said: “The survey revealed deep divisions between those who believe it is a positive or negative statement and those who think it should definitely be promoted or left alone.

“Those who do not identify with the Liverpolitan identity were also more unsure overall on how to answer the various questions.

“Those who definitely identify as Liverpolitan were generally more confident that their position is beneficial to the city region and its people.”

Of the 39 LCR councillors surveyed, 19 did not want to be named.

Richard said some were afraid that their comments would cause division because there are many proud identities within the LCR.

Others worried about being seen as unprofessional because relationships with the Metro Mayor and Combined Authority - the organisation which covers the LCR on strategic issues such as transport and employment - might be important in their work.

Richard, 41, said the opinions of everyday people he had spoken to about the word were polarised ‘like marmite’, but said he personally feels that being seen as Liverpolitan does not mean people have to leave behind their own local identities.

He said: “You can still be proud of your local community and borough but proud of a catch-all city region identity at the same time. It doesn't have to be either.”