A PRIMARY school in business has been forced to close three classes due to flooding.

Three of Simms Cross Primary School’s classes were flooded with ankle deep water following yesterday’s torrential rain.

Online learning will take place instead today and classes are expected to turn on Monday.

Nikki Edwards, finance and operations director at Warrington Primary Academy Trust, said: “Three classes at Simms Cross Primary School are closed today after yesterday evening’s storm caused flooding to all of Early Years and Key Stage 1.

Runcorn and Widnes World:

“Classrooms were flooded in ankle deep water when drains and a flat roof were overwhelmed in the downpour.

“Our dedicated staff with the support of Halton Borough Council maintenance staff helped to salvage most of the contents of the classrooms but carpets along with some soft toys, rugs and beanbags were ruined.

“Upper Key Stage 1 classes have also been affected and pupils were moved into different parts of the school so their classes could continue today. 

“All the affected classrooms are expected to be operational again on Monday.”

Paula Warding, executive head teacher of Simms Cross Primary said: "Online learning has been activated today and everyone affected has been so understanding.

“The response from our community has been incredible, we have been overwhelmed with offers of help.

“We have also received supplies including disinfectant and refreshments from ASDA who were also badly hit by the storm.

“I have been humbled by our wonderful community spirit."