A PAEDOPHILE who acted as a predator in a bid to have sex with a 15-year-old has been jailed again .

David Fowler, from Orford, contacted a child on social media despite being banned under a sexual offence prevention Order when he was jailed in 2015.

He was prohibited from contacting anyone under the age of 18.

The 30 year old appeared at Chester Crown Court on Tuesday after pleading guilty at an earlier hearing.

He received 22 months imprisonment alongside his current sentence.

In 2015, Fowler was sentenced to nine years in custody after pleading guilty to four counts of inciting a 15 year old girl to engage in sexual intercourse and for breaching a sexual offence prevention order imposed after he raped a 10 year old girl.

The court heard how Fowler, when aged 24, set up a Facebook account and posed as a 19-year-old named 'Chris Johnson'.

He contacted a 15-year-old girl and sent a topless picture of 'himself' to her, although it was actually an image of an American wrestler.

The court was told that he then sent her an explicit photo and asked if she 'could have sex' with him during the 11 months of contact.

At the time, Judge Nicholas Woodward spoke of the dangers for those at risk of child sexual exploitation.

"Your intention with the first 15-year-old was to have sex with her - it was a carefully planned enterprise," he said.

"You attempted to groom a young girl through sexual exploitation and lied about your age and identity to young girls.

"You acted as a predator and manipulated a minor and have showed no sign of motivation to be willing to engage with treatment to lower the risk of this in future.

"Nothing I have read or heard shows you are motivated to engage to reduce that risk."