THE Justice Secretary has been urged to ‘look again’ at the actions of the coroner service following the recent collapse of the Hillsborough trials.

Speaking in a special Commons debate following the recent acquittal of three men accused of altering police statements after the 1989 tragedy, Halton MP Derek Twigg urged Robert Buckland to examine the role of the coroner service, specifically in relation to ‘sensitivity and openness to families’.

Liverpool fan Mr Twigg was at the stadium on the day of the disaster and has been a longstanding campaigner for justice for the Hillsborough families.

Speaking during the debate, he said: “Those of us who were at Hillsborough that April in 1989 will never forget the scenes that we witnessed that day, made all the worse by the deliberate attempt by South Yorkshire police to blame Liverpool fans.

“It made the trauma of the families 10 times worse.

“It is worth putting on the record again that what has been found is that the police lost control, the stadium was unfit for a match of that importance and that size of crowd, and other agencies such as the ambulance service failed on the day.”

Mr Twigg said that following the recent trial collapse, it was now crucial that lessons were learned.

He said: “This has been a terrible time again for the families.

“I hear what the Secretary of State says, but over the years as an MP on constituency cases I have had some good and bad experiences with the coronial service.

“I dealt with a case recently that also raises questions about whether sensitivity and openness to families is really there throughout the coronial service.

“I hope that we will look at that again.”