A DAD who smuggled drugs into Creamfields in Lucozade bottles has been spared jail after a judge gave him a final chance.

Craig-Luke Townsend was caught smuggling ketamine, cocaine, and MDMA into the Daresbury dance festival in August 2019.

Dogs were alerted to Townsend at 5.15pm and drugs were found in various containers, such as Lucozade bottles and insect repellents.

Townsend claimed the drugs were for himself and his friends’ use only.

The 29 year old was given a 12 month suspended sentence after the court heard he had shown ‘genuine remorse,’ ‘previous good character,’ and it was an ‘isolated incident.’

Townsend appeared for sentencing before Chester Crown Court on Tuesday after pleading guilty at an earlier hearing to a charge of possession and intent to supply.

The case was delayed for 18 months due to a connected ongoing investigation.

The prosecution stated how messages between Townsend and a friend referenced how they were going to smuggle drugs into the festival but there was no mention of selling.

The court also heard how there are bins at the festival entrance for drugs to be disposed of and leaflets are sent out with tickets warning about the danger and seriousness of possessing drugs.

Jeremy Rawson, defending, told the court how the 18 month wait has been ‘excruciating’ for Townsend.

He added: ‘‘He has a responsible job, is drug tested regularly, and had to carry on his day-to-day life in anticipation of his sentencing.

‘‘He has a strong worth ethic, is a responsible family man, has 11 years of work duties, two small children, a partner and is an unremarkable individual.

‘‘All his family are astounded by their much loved son, brother, and father at the criminal court.’’

Mr Rawson also stated how Townsend is at low risk of reoffending and of serious harm and doesn’t take drugs anymore.

Judge Steven Everett said: ‘‘What would your children think if they saw their father drugged up?

‘‘I want you to think about this moment when you are waiting to hear whether you get sent to prison or not and how your heart is beating fast.’’

Judge Everett concluded: ‘‘Factoring in the delay, he’s a decent man and has done something very stupid and regrets what he has done.

‘‘I am satisfied on the plea you were carrying these drugs as a sharing operation.

‘‘It is a first chance and a last chance.’’

Townsend was sentenced to 12 months in prison suspended for two years.

He was ordered to complete 15 days rehabilitation activity and 98 hours of unpaid work.