A Runcorn coach company has become the first operator in the UK to install air filtration systems that are more than 99 per cent effect against eliminating airborne diseases.

Anthony’s Travel has the Hispacold eCo3 and PEPA-F air filtration systems on its entire coach fleet, which purify the air of harmful pathogens including viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Hispacold was created pre-Covid-19 and has been on the market for more than a decade but it has since been tested on Coronavirus in Spain and the results showed 99.7 per cent effectiveness against the disease.

The PEPA-F can trace its roots back to 2014 during the Ebola outbreak and is an additive solution intended to be incorporated into air filters to kill pathogens, proving to be 99.99 per cent effective in the Covid-19 trial.

Richard Bamber, managing partner of Anthony’s Travel, said: “Early in the pandemic, I was aware that a lasting legacy would be a heightened awareness of hygiene, which would in turn create anxiety for travellers.

“We have a moral obligation to allay any fears, as much as possible, to ensure the travel experience is an enjoyable one.

“Our client feedback showed that there is pent up demand for travel; a series of lockdowns has greatly affected passengers and when these restrictions are lifted, indications are that demand for domestic coach travel will be high.

“However, on the flip side, the longer the pandemic continues, the more concern it is creating about eventually returning to some kind of normal, especially among senior citizens and some of our more vulnerable clients who are now quite anxious about venturing out again.”

Anthony’s Travel has invested heavily in Alcolocks, CCTV, telematics and tyre and wheel management systems in the recent years to protect its customers and fitting eCo3 units and PEPA-F furthers the investment.

Richard added: “We have a duty of care to control the spread of Covid-19 and other airborne viruses.

“Many of our clients are aware we have already fitted these systems and the feedback has been great.

“We do not view this as yet another expense but an investment in future-proofing our business and providing comfort for our clients.”