A BANNED driver who was caught hiding up a tree after a high-speed police chase has been jailed.

Officers attempted to pull William Perks over in Runcorn after he was spotted travelling ‘recklessly at high speeds’ through the town on Sunday, March 28.

The motorist drove into oncoming traffic along Clifton Road before the pursuit continued into Frodsham.

His Mazda was clocked at speeds of up to 90mph and the 31-year-old continued even after patrols successfully deployed a stinger on his vehicle.

While overtaking another driver at speed, Perks – from Tarporley – crashed into a wall and fled on foot, but was located a short time afterwards in a tree and arrested.

Perks admitted dangerous driving, driving while disqualified and driving without insurance and was handed 22 months behind bars at Chester Crown Court on Tuesday, April 27.

He had only been banned from the roads in October last year.

The defendant was disqualified from driving for a further three-year period, to begin upon his release from prison.

Inspector Anton Sullivan, of Cheshire Police’s roads and crime unit, “It is fortunate that no-one was killed by Perks’ reckless actions on March 28.

“The manner and the speeds that Perks drove at were irresponsible and put many innocent members of the public lives at risk.

“I hope that this sentence acts as a deterrent to anyone who feels that they can get away with driving at max speeds and dangerously on our roads.

“I know that officers from our roads and crime unit will continue their hard work in making Cheshire’s roads safe, and I’d like to take the time to thank the officers and the Crown Prosecution Service who worked to bring Perks to justice.”