LITTER was left strewn across parks in Runcorn and Widnes last week following the latest relaxation of coronavirus restrictions.

Many residents enjoyed visits to green spaces and beauty spots in the borough amid the warm weather and new rules allowing gatherings of up to six people outdoors.

But Halton Borough Council says that litterbugs have been rife in several parks in the past few days.

Between Monday and Thursday last week, workers spent around 28 additional hours tidying Victoria Park in Widnes along.

Spike Island also extra daily visits from council staff in order to keep the site clean.

Parks manager Paul Boardman said: “There was no excuse for dropping litter.

“Groups of up to six can now meet outdoors in line with Government guidance.

“We are encouraging visitors to take their rubbish home if bins are full, littering is after all a criminal offence.

“Please be respectful of our staff – they are trying to ensure our parks continue to meet our award-winning standards whilst our open spaces are experiencing extremely high demand.

“We have always thought of our parks as jewels in Halton's crown, and the public agrees.

“Thanks to all the council staff and the many volunteers who help make the parks such attractive destinations.

“Let’s not have all that good work undone by a mindless minority.”