CHESHIRE Police are urging bikers to stay safe on the county’s roads over the Easter weekend.

The force will launch Operation Caesar, its ‘seasonal proactive response to the forecasted rise in people out on their motorbikes’, tomorrow, Thursday.

Officers will patrol ‘key hotspot areas’ over the bank holiday on the lookout for any motorcyclists speeding or riding dangerously.

Inspector Steve Griffiths, of Cheshire Police’s roads and crime unit, said: “With this bank holiday predicted to be dry and bright, we are predicting a number of motorcyclists will dust off their bikes and hit the road for a ride in the sun.

“While we want bikers to enjoy their ride, this cannot be at the expense of other road users’ safety.

“Road safety is really important to our communities and is often a source of complaint when speeding motorcyclists use the roads as a racetrack.

“Not only is this reckless riding dangerous to the rider themselves as they are not in a position to deal with any last second hazards, it also puts innocent road users lives at risk.

“While we do all we can to educate and encourage motorcyclists to ride safely in the first instance, we will not hesitate to act against those individuals set on flouting the rules of the road who think the law doesn’t apply to them.”