A FAMILY have paid to tribute to a dad who was 'the life and soul of the party'.

He died from coronavirus earlier this year.

Here, daughter Suzanne pays a personal tribute to him.

John Davies, 77, from Runcorn, died on January 6 at ICU Warrington. My dad John was 77 still fit and well. On December 20 he took ill and was taking to Warrington.

We got the call to say they were transferring him to ICU where my sister already was, but my dad didn’t know this as we didn’t want to worry him.

On transferring my dad to ICU he was put in the next bed to my sister, so they had each other, which was nice for them both over Christmas they spent Christmas Day together which we are thankful for. My sister left ICU and transferred to ward A7. One week later on January 4 we had the horrendous news dad was being put on life support, January 6 the most horrifying news came that we had to turn his life support off.

Runcorn and Widnes World:

Me and my twin sister where the ones having to say the words no family are even ready to say. John had eight living children and was married to our mum Mary who passed 12 years ago.

Dad was the life and soul of every party he went to. He lived for his children and grandchildren. Always our kids' pick up man for school runs which he loved doing, seeing his grandkids everyday.

My dad was our life. Someone so kind and always there if you needed him no matter what. He loved going on family holidays and holidays with his friends, loved going to the queen of hearts pub on a Saturday night.

You always knew when dad was in your house he always made such a mess just making a cup of tea.

Runcorn and Widnes World:

John was always the life and soul of every party. Always the first up dancing getting everyone else up to join him. Dad you will be truly missed by us all never a day goes by where we don’t think of you.

As a family we are still in shock that Covid took your life far too soon we love and miss you everyday fly high with the angles and give our mum a kiss from us all.