WITH the country once again in lockdown, many may be wondering how to kickstart their new year in the best way possible with a new fitness regime.

However, with gyms closed once again, Brits are now looking for alternative exercises to do that are in keeping with the new Coronavirus restrictions.

In contrast to previous lockdowns, public spaces remain open for exercise.

Under these new rules, you are able to leave your home to exercise outdoors once a day, but this should be within your local area and should only be done with your household, support bubble or with just one person from another household.

With indoor and outdoor gyms closed, the permitted outdoor areas for exercise are parks, beaches, public gardens, heritage site grounds, playgrounds and the countryside.

John Nolan-Neylan, chief executive and co-founder of high-performance nutrition brand, Revvies, discusses the different ways we can exercise during lockdown.

1. Running

The best thing about running? It's free! During lockdown, it's important to (safely) make the most of what is available to us. It doesn’t matter whether you run fast or slow, every run will help you remember what is important and get in the right frame of mind. With outdoor spaces open, running is ideal to help boost your energy levels; it also helps to increase your lung function and boost your immune system, as well as your good cholesterol levels.

2. Hiking

Hiking is one of the best ways to feel closer to nature and appreciate the natural landscape around you. In order to make the most of your permitted exercise time outdoors, hiking allows you to appreciate your local surroundings while also helping to improve your cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, sleep quality and can also help to reduce tension and stress.

3. Cycling

Cycling is another great form of exercise, that enables you to appreciate your local surroundings. Much like hiking, cycling improves your cardiovascular fitness, burns fat and calories, helps to build stamina and improves muscle tone and strength in the legs.

4. Yoga

Yoga is suitable for people of all ages and can be done wherever you feel most comfortable- be it at home or in your local park. Depending on your choice of yoga, you can burn between 180 and 460 calories, while improving your energy levels, flexibility, balance, strength and can help you ease stress and anxiety levels.

5. Circuits

With large public parks available to us, circuit training is a great way of packing in a variety of different exercises. Sit-ups, lunges, push-ups, squats, burpees, planks, star jumps, are all different ways you can exercise while gyms are closed. Make sure to drink plenty of water and eat well in order to make the most of your exercise session.