MIKE Amesbury has said that Boris Johnson's ‘11th hour decision making’ and ‘constant U-turns’ are making an already difficult situation worse.

The MP, whose Weaver Vale constituency covers parts of east Runcorn, also called on the community to pull together for the latest lockdown.

It was announced late yesterday evening, Monday, that the country would be put into another full lockdown complete with school closures, less than 24 hours after the Prime Minister had said schools were safe.

The announcement follows a succession of U-turns, Mr Amesbury says, the most recent of which was a decision to scrap allowing three bubbles to mix over Christmas, with many having to abandon their plans at the last minute.

“People have a remarkable ability to adapt to difficult situations when they have to, but what people really struggle to overcome is constant uncertainty and confusion,” he said.

“Boris Johnson's constant U-turns and 11th hour decision making are causing exactly that.

“This is already a difficult situation which people are trying to deal with as best they can without having to second guess what changes they are going to face on an almost daily basis.”

The MP has also called on chancellor Rishi Sunak to provide more support for those employees and businesses slipping through the net.

He continued: “Since the first lockdown began, I have been inundated by emails, letters and calls from constituents who are petrified for their livelihoods.

“There are countless people who are unable to access support and the Chancellor must not leave them high and dry again during this latest lockdown.

“Once these jobs and businesses are gone, they're gone."

Despite his disagreement with the Prime Minister’s methods, Mr Amesbury has called on residents to abide by the new lockdown rules to protect our NHS.

“We are where we are now, and I know people will do the right thing and abide by the rules.

“It is essential we get hospital admissions down while we buy time to get the vaccine rolled out.

“I know the people of Weaver Vale will play their part as they have done before – we just need the Government to do the same, and I will be pushing every step of the way and holding them to account to ensure they do.”