MIKE Amesbury urged Boris Johnson to 'step up' and provide adequate support for staff impacted by new Covid restrictions, while also branding the 10pm curfew 'a nonsense'.

The East Runcorn part of Mr Amesbury's constituency is now under the highest level of restrictions in the country along with the rest of the Liverpool City Region.

It means pubs, bars and gyms must close.

Frodsham and Northwich are under Tier 2, along with the rest of the Cheshire West and Chester council area.

Addressing the PM in the Commons, Mike said: "The Halton part of my constituency in Merseyside has been placed in tier 3. The Cheshire West and Chester part is in tier 2. In the Cheshire West and Chester part, we have the nonsense of the 10 pm curfew, which does not follow the evidence and needs to be reviewed and changed.

"In the Halton part, we have people who are now required to live on 67% of the minimum wage, which is nowhere near sufficient.

"Look at this again, Prime Minister. Step up and look at this again."

The Prime Minister replied: "I am afraid I must reject what the hon. Gentleman says in the sense that I think he is being inconsistent or trying to have it both ways.

"Most people, I think, in this country want to see restrictions that get the virus down, and that is what we are bringing forward and supporting. I think most people in this country also want to see support for people who are put out of business through no fault of their own, and that is what we are also providing."

Speaking outside the chamber, Mr Amesbury added: "The PM dodged my question and didn't address any of these concerns. My postbag is filled with the worries of constituents in fear for their livelihoods once again, people who are fed up and angry at not being able to see their friends and families once again.

"The government had months to put an effective test, track and trace system in place and it didn't do so. It handed over lots of taxpayers' money to the private sector, but with little to show for it.

"Other countries have avoided this, nations often with fewer resources to throw at the problem - so why are we here again?

"This government must get its house in order."