RUNCORN Shopping City has created a ‘Wishing Washing Line’, in the Community Square for people to ‘hang’ their wishes on, in the hope that the Central Management Team can help make their dreams come true.

Jackie Coulthard, from the Central Management Team, came up with the incentive a few weeks ago, as a way of injecting some positivity into the community after the challenging year everybody has had.

Jackie said “We just wanted to do something nice for the community, so I came up with the idea that if families wanted to, they could stop by, pick up a paper sock, write their wish onto it and drop it into the ‘Wishing Well’.

"It would then be hung on the ‘washing line.’ Afterwards, we would have a look at the possibility of trying to make some of their wishes come true.”

Dave Pearman, the Centre Manager added “There are limitations of course on the wishes we can help fulfil, but we will try our hardest to see what we can do.”

The Wishing Washing Line went on display on Friday 28th August and will run for the foreseeable future.

Some of the wishes have ranged from people longing to receive a sign from a loved-one in heaven, dream holidays, marriage proposals and simply to be happy!

Courtney Rose, 16, from Runcorn and regular shopper at the centre said “I think the washing line is a good idea, because we’ve had a rubbish year and we all want something fun to happen. I made a wish to be a top Chef one day.”

If you, or somebody you know would like to make a wish, call down to the community square, and complete a paper sock. (Display located between Peacocks and Iceland). All the pens have been treated with thirty-day antibacterial agent.