A IRATE commuter has called Halton Borough Council's removal of a bus lane at Runcorn Shopping City idiotic and a waste of taxpayer's money.

"What an absolute idiotic idea this is at Halton lea bus stop. They are going to put bollards all along and only make it one end to get on the bus.

"What pen pusher at the council thought this idea up? What a waste of public funds and only one bus at a time is allowed on the stop this is ludicrous and needs stopping now. Everyone needs to email the council about this - it's going too far."

He added: "I bet the idiot who thought this up does not get on a bus ever."

A spokesperson for the council said the measures had been put in place due to social distancing: “The south platform of Runcorn Shopping City busway does, unfortunately, have only one entrance/exit which means both alighting and boarding passengers will be using it to access facilities.

"The footway on the south platform is narrow and so, to provide an adequate waiting area for passengers to social distance, we have had to barrier off one of the lanes on the busway.”