THE National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC) are to develop a plan of action on concerns about diversity and racial inequalities in policing.

A small working group of key NPCC leads, chief officers with experience of being people of colour within UK policing and the Chief Executive of the College of Policing have been considering the police response to concerns about racial injustice in the UK and in policing following the death of George Floyd in America and the ongoing global debate on racism.

The NPCC's Chair Martin Hewitt said: "Two weeks ago, as leaders of the police service, we gave our reaction to the death of George Floyd. We made clear our determination to tackle racism, discrimination and bias wherever we find it.

"Since then, our officers and staff have witnessed people from all parts of society across the UK take part in Black Lives Matter events to express their frustration and anger at inequalities and injustice, some of it focussed on the way we police."

He added: "We are listening to the national debate and we are reflecting on our place in it. We are speaking to our staff and will continue listening to what it means to be a person of colour in our service.

"We will keep engaging with and hearing our communities. We need to act now."

The NPCC will develop an initial plan of action by the end of July, which will then be consulted on.