HOW did the bear cross the Runcorn bridge?

According to the South Wales Daily News March 29, 1877 edition with great ease.

We have been sent this old paper with a remarkable tale about a bear on Runcorn bridge by Halton Borough Council.

The story tells of a woman's encounter with the bear while crossing what appears to be the old walkway across the railway bridge.

It is alleged the bear had escaped its keepers and, approaching the woman, stood on all fours for a possible hug.

Fortunately, she managed to wave off the unwanted advances of her admirer.

In those days you had to pay a toll of ½ penny (at that time it did go up to a full penny later when the transporter opened).

However, you only had to pay the toll at the Runcorn end, so we can assume the bear got on the bridge from Widnes. How the bear paid the toll to get into Runcorn is a mystery - small change with paws is very hard.