A RUNCORN man has spoken of his fright after his mum's house was struck by lightning on Saturday night.

The man, who does not wish to be named, said the bolt cut the the street's electricity supply, scorched the side of the house near the roof, removed the aerial wiring and caused damage to the boiler.

He said: "I was recording the lightning from my home two minutes from mum's home in Grangeway when she rang at around 11.30pm to tell me her electrics had all gone off.

"We'd both heard the biggest boom of thunder. So I was slowly getting dressed to drive round when she said she could smell burning.

"I've never seen rain like what I drove in. It was like a tidal wave hitting the shore. I obviously tried to get a move on but the water was managing to seep into the car. When I arrived mum stood there worried about no electric. The neighbours were all out in the street as they'd had partial power failings."

Upon entering his mum's, the man said he could immediately smell smoke witnessed some coming from the kitchen ceiling.

"I immediately made mum get dressed, put the dog on the lead and rang 999 whilst running round checking other rooms and closing doors.

"The fire brigade arrived fast and spotted the house had been scorched by a strike at the side near the roof. It had followed the cable leading from a TV aerial into the house with such force it split it in two and bits of singed aerial wiring were in mum's back garden.

"Mum's TV and dvd player which were brand new - they're fried. Along with house phone and the electrics on boiler."

He added: "The fire brigade checked the loft and everywhere else using heat seeking equipment. I'd really like to make people aware of basic fire safety. Closing doors, checking smoke alarms. If you smell or see smoke but can't see any fire you still must ring 999. It's not worth taking chances.

"We'd like to thank the firemen who attended who really did go above and beyond."