A TWENTY-TWO year-old musician from Widnes has been using his free time to record music in his bedroom about his hometown.

Liam Hillyer, who works for Mercedes in Warrington, has released a new song entitled 'This Town' about trying to be something in a town where no-one expects you to be.

Explaining how this came about Liam, who was previously in a band called Indigo Violet as a singer/guitarist, said: "I have been writing solo stuff for around a year and a half now and started writing these songs as a bit of fun last month as I have been out of work due to the pandemic.

"I wasn't expecting it to take off like it has."

He has already started to pick up traction on Spotify with over 5,000 streams on his last release - 'Two Metres' - a timestamp on being in isolation, and has over 3,000 monthly listeners.

Liam describes his music as a blend of Oasis, Stone Roses and Lewis Capaldi.

"I used to listen to the Beatles and also took inspiration from them.

"I would love to do a festival next - keep the train on the tracks."

Anyone wishing to have a listen of Liam's music can do so via Spotify and Apple Music