A DANCING bunny and Dinosaur livened up lockdown for Runcorn residents, raising £1,000 for Cancer Research in the process.

Dressed in inflatable bunny and dinosaur costumes, Sandymoor residents Caroline Lowe and Helen Guttridge also known as Disco Bunny and Dancing Dino, entertained their neighbours with socially distanced dancing to cheesy songs for people’s birthdays, anniversaries and just for fun.

They started by calling round to friend's houses and dancing on the street to cheer them up. A neighbour of a friend then asked if they would dance around Sandymoor on Easter Sunday to lift people's spirits for a donation to the fundraising they already did for Cancer Research.

Thirty YMCA’s, Cha Cha slides and other tunes in 30 different streets later, they put their feet up thinking that was it, but people had other ideas, and requests started to come in to visit children that were having their birthdays in lockdown and Bunny and Dino were only too pleased to oblige.

Using separate cars around Runcorn and parts of Warrington, the duo have danced at birthdays - ranging from age one to 60, with some just to cheer people up and a visit to Halton Lodge Primary for the children during half term.

They have also danced in Asda, Runcorn car park for the queuing shoppers and visited Macy in Grapenhall who has raised over £3,000 making and selling rainbows to buy treats for NHS staff.

Last weekend they celebrated their 100th dance with £1,000 reached from kind donations.

To find out what's next for the loveable duo, you can visit their Facebook page: Disco Bunny and Dancing Dino.